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i3strategies®️ was founded in 2015. Since then we have been trusted by the world's largest financial institutions, investors, and multinational corporations to deliver market research and strategy consulting services. We see the interconnectivity of fraud, money laundering, cybercrime, sanctions, corruption and bribery — and bring unparalleled expertise and experiences as builders of Financial Crime Risk and Compliance programs, operations, and businesses.

Via Maculaitis

The Founder Story.

i3strategies®️ was founded by Vic Maculaitis, a 20+ year industry leader, entrepreneur, and business operator. Vic has accomplished many feats in some of the toughest operating environments across government, industry, startup, and growth-stage companies. With a combined command of subject matter and business acumen, Vic has delivered niche consulting services to some of the world's largest and most complex organizations. The span and depth of Vic's experiences, knowledge, and vision for tackling all things related to the Financial Crime Risk and Compliance ecosystem is unrivaled.


We work with commercial organizations across financial services, private equity, venture capital, professional services, and tech.

We advise and support boards, management, and strategists who share our vision for integrated approaches to combatting financial crime while enabling the proper pursuit of economic development and growth.



Management +
Strategy Consulting


We work with boards and management on strategic initiatives specific to Financial Crime Risk and Compliance. The integration and/or transformation of approaches to people, processes, and technology are our focal areas of service and delivery.

Market Research +


We work with investors, founders, product, and GTM executives on market studies and diligence specific to solutions for the Financial Crime Risk and Compliance space. Market mapping and commercial due diligence are our focal areas of service and delivery.



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Case Studies.

Global-Commerce Marketplace

The client's objective was to bring together an integrated anti-money laundering and fraud strategy that would support a scaling new payments business. We helped the client marshal key stakeholders, aligning vision and resources, and a plan to execute on an integrated strategy. The output and ultimate delivery included a target operating model design, process flows, policies, and procedures.

$20B US Retail Bank

The client's objective was to remediate, redesign, and deploy new anti-money laundering and fraud programs with new leadership and operating models. We helped the client identify a new leader, prioritize redesign initiatives, and remediate regulatory issues simultaneously. The output and ultimate delivery included methodologies, frameworks, and program documents that satisfied the bank's regulatory pressure.

$50B AUM

The client's objective was to gain insights into the financial crime solutions space and identify investment/acquisition targets. We helped the investment team accelerate knowledge, refine a target list, and facilitate introductions to founders/management teams. The output and ultimate delivery included market maps, detailed analyses, and commercial due diligence support.

Middle Market PE Owned

The client's objective was to gain market insights that would drive offerings and market development strategies. We designed and executed in-depth interviews and surveys for the management team and board. Our analysis and strategy counsel drove the company's strategic planning. The output and ultimate delivery included a vision report and plan.


Ours is shaped by decades of unique experiences and we share it regularly.


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